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We believe in a values-based approach to care. In addition to providing compassionate medical care and pain management, we offer emotional and spiritual support to patients and their loved ones.

Welcome To Capstone Hospice

A Message from Capstone CEO, Hugh Henderson

Capstone Hospice serves patients and families within a 50-mile the radius of Peachtree Corners, Ga. Our care is provided primarily in a patient’s private residence, thus meeting the desire of most Americans to die at home surrounded by family and loved ones. In addition to a private home, one’s residence may also be an assisted living facility, personal care home, or nursing home. In essence, Capstone Hospice wishes to recapture the spirit of the original hospice movement — local providers providing care to local members of the community in a home-based setting

We have competent, well-trained staff who are experienced and responsive. Capstone provides 24-hour, seven-day-a-week, on-call services. An expert is on duty around the clock to answer your questions, help to resolve problems or be on their way to make an in-home visit if necessary.



Nursing Care

Regular skilled nursing visits and 24 hour access to a registered nurse.


Emotional & Practical Support

Our licensed social workers are trained counselors and can also assist in the coordination of community resources if necessary.


Medical Supplies

Focus on your loved one, we can handle the necessary supplies & medications.


Spiritual Care

Our experienced chaplains meet patients and families where they are on their spiritual journey and use one’s existing faith framework to bring comfort and peace.

Podcast with CEO, Hugh Henderson, explaining the hospice difference



Locally owned and operated

Immediate access to key decision-makers makes us nimble in our responsiveness to customer requests.


Employee Centric

Identifying and retaining talent congruent with our culture is our highest value. We carefully screen and only select staff members who have a proven passion and desire to go the extra mile for our patients.



Our owner has 20+ years of experience in the hospice business. Our motive is simply to capitalize on that experience by building a better model and culture of hospice service delivery. All of our nurses are (or are required to become) hospice and palliative care certified (CHPN) as condition of employment.


Faith-Based Approach

We seek to glorify God with the way we deliver our care. Capstone Hospice wants everyone we care for and come in contact with to feel respected and to recognize an unmistakable positive difference in the people associated with our organization.


The Name – Why “Capstone”

In architectural terms, the capstone is the final fixture put in a place on any constructed edifice– the “crowning achievement” so to speak of a building or, in the case of a hospice patient, a lifetime. Capstone allows patients and families to put “the final stone” in place as a monument to the value and worth of the life lived by each hospice patient.



Why consider hospice


Involvement of experienced and skilled personnel allow family members to be just that –family members – and not healthcare professionals


Improved symptom and pain management


Increased quality of life as a result of the decreased need for visits back and forth to the doctor’s office or hospital

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