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Our mission is to bring comfort and peace to those we serve by providing a qualitatively distinct hospice experience. For patients and families struggling with a serious illness, Capstone Hospice is committed to serving these individuals with fully trained, loyal and friendly caregivers. Our staff—i.e., our people—make all the difference when it comes to providing the highest quality services in the region. We realize our people are our most valuable asset and we go to great lengths to ensure we hire and retain only the most compassionate and skilled caregivers.

Capstone is an employee-centric hospice company.

Our belief is simple: Inspired, proud and pleased employees will deliver a level of customer satisfaction that consistently exceeds expectations.

Capstone Hospice realizes that timely and accurate responsiveness is of the highest importance at this crucial time.We routinely measure patient and family satisfaction in order to stay focused on what’s most important…the people we serve. Our owner, as well as company leadership, is available for feedback. Our company structure lends itself to flexible, prompt and efficient response from our staff. The needs of our patients and families are our highest priority.

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