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My Anniversary & Holiday Plan

There are many ways to approach holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. We suggest you start by looking at the calendar and thinking about what was happening last year. We also suggest you do an inventory of your concerns for the year ahead. Mark your calendar for two...

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Rituals of Remembering

We are creatures of ritual. We have mourning rituals, work rituals, worship rituals, play rituals, daily rituals, and spontaneous rituals. Here are some mourning rituals bereaved families have taught us were helpful to them to include as they planned for the first...

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Grief and the Holidays

Holidays and anniversaries can be fragile times for those who are grieving. The holiday lights, music, cards, shopping, invitations to parties, religious services, and family gatherings can all remind you of the person who died. You may be blindsided...

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Grief

Remember that grief is a normal part of life. Everyone will grieve so be gentle and kind to yourself and others along the journey. Emotional Sadness and crying Loneliness or anxiety Frustration and anger General sense of heaviness or emptiness Apathy, inertia or...

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Helping a Friend Who is Grieving

There was a blog article on Huffington Post, by Megan Devine, that I found helpful when dealing with a friend who is in the grieving process. Here are some excerpts from her article: Many people truly want to help a friend or family member who is...

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