I wanted to take the time to thank the Capstone Hospice team for caring for my father. I’m very thankful that I was able to see him in person the last few days of his life and it brings me comfort that he was well taken care of and he was not in any pain. I also want to thank the hospice team for coming in and taking such a heavy weight off my mind because I was unable to be there for him due to the state of emergency. I’m forever grateful to the wonderful Capstone‘s team that took care of my father with respect and Kindness.
Kareemah N.

I would like to thank mother’s team for all they did for my mother and myself. The medical staff could not have been any better. Every time I saw someone they were very informative about the next phase of mother end of life process. They got me through one of the worst times of my life.
Donna L.

Thank you for the supportive letters you have sent over the past year. They have been informative and helpful and even more than that, its been meaningful to have someone just check-in and say ‘how are you doing?’ and acknowledge that this is a long process with highs and lows. The fact that Capstone cares for their families long after their loved one dies says so much about their true commitment and dedication. Thank you again and I wish you, and everyone at Capstone, all the best.
Beth L.

(Sue's daughter)

The Capstone staff was so much more than I expected. They were attentive, always helpful and in one case quietly handled a concern we had, but one that we hadn’t even realized until it was solved. I pray everyone gets this type of care at the end of their life. Capstone has very special people working for them.
Susan M.

Very happy and pleased with Capstone’s care.
Chris L.

Every Capstone members who cared for my mother treated her with such dignity and respect. They were caring for her, and me, her daughter. They worked around my work schedule, supported me in Mother’s journey. I am so thankful for everyone who cared for Mother and gave me support to keep her home to die. They should all be honored for a terrific job!
Rebecca C.

I very much appreciate the kind and caring expressions of sympathy at Capstone on the death of my beloved brother. Also, I am grateful you made if possible for me to keep my promise to him many years ago that he be allowed to make his journey “though the valley of the shadow of death” in his house and free from pain. His last words to me via a phone call were “I love you, Jean.” Those words will warm my heart and give me comfort as long as I live.

Please continue to hold me close in prayer as I am dealing with his death and the death of my husband (of 60 years) within 10 days of each other. I hope you’ll extend my gratitude to all of the team who cared for him.

Jean S.

On behalf of the entire family, I write to say what a wonderful organization Capstone is.  We will always be grateful for the support and advice you gave us in the days before Susie’s passing. All of us felt that FINALLY we had found someone who not only understood what we were going through, but had practical suggestions about how to navigate those difficult days.

And, in the months since then, Capstone has stayed in touch with us, sent us brochures and other informative materials, and consistently let us know that you were there for us if and when we experienced the need for outside help. At the same time, you were respectful of our differing grieving needs and never thrust yourselves upon us in a manner that felt intrusive or unwelcome.

Throughout the many months of Susie’s last illness, we experienced frequent frustration in our efforts to find the proper treatment for her, or an organization that could skillfully and compassionately counsel us. In Capstone we found both. My family and I want you and your colleagues to know how very, very much we appreciate what you did for us, and what you are no doubt doing for many other families in similar circumstances. You are the best.

Robert H.

Received excellent care from all team members. They always put my father’s needs first. They helped us understand the dying process and what we could expect. Highly recommend them to anyone in need of services.
Karen Y.

The chaplains were very good about calling me when they visited my mom. They would ask me if it was okay.
Frank K.

Dear Capstone Hospice Team, A big thank you to all of you with a heart full of gratitude for all the personal and efficient care you gave Marvin his last days on earth. A special hug from me and my family for lovingly seeing us through this time of goodbyes. Thanks be to God for you and most of all for His faithfulness to all of us. Shalom.
Dolly T.

The whole team at Capstone is amazing.
Anna G.

I was very pleased with all the people. They were all good and were beyond trying to help. I will never forget them for their help. God bless every one of them.
Fran M.

With my father’s care, Capstone Hospice was wonderful. I had no idea that different hospice providers could be so different.

The immediate care team for Dad was always kind and very caring. I felt they went above my expectations.
Krisy S.

Jenny (RN, A Plus), Joson (sic) Thomas, Ann Marie, and the rest of Virginia’s team were fabulous with her.
Colette N.

To all my Capstone friends, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all! The love and care you gave both my parents was amazing. If they were here, they would tell you the same. Thank you and God Bless you all.
Carol H.

I am thankful and grateful for Capstone Hospice. I thank God for people that dedicate their time and knowledge and faith with people that need them in their most vulnerable time.
Blanca S.

Excellent team, every member was great. Grateful to have had their help during this difficult time.
Barbara D.

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