Live Therapeutic Music

Bringing Comfort and Relief Through The Healing Power of Therapeutic Music

Supplementing pharmaceutical interventions, LTM (Live Therapeutic Music) engages the parasympathetic nervous system to release endorphins, thus relieving pain, agitation, or anxiety in a pleasant and soothing manner.

Capstone Hospice is proud to offer this unique care alternative provided by a certified music practitioner. LTM sessions can be provided in homes, assisted living settings, and skilled nursing facilities.

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Complimenting Traditional Medical Care Plans

What is Capstone’s Therapeutic Music Program?

Live Therapeutic Music (LTM) is a non-pharmaceutical intervention that complements traditional medical care plans. For millennia, music has facilitated healing and comfort. However, for hospice patients in particular, terminal agitation is a common occurrence and is challenging to manage. LMT helps make that challenge more manageable.

Typically lasting 30 to 45 minutes, LMT sessions focus on the specific needs of each patient. Sessions usually result in decreased agitation, anxiety, and pain, while increasing the effectiveness of prescribed medications.

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Sometimes, music touches patients in places where medicine just can’t reach.

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Live Therapeutic Music is recommended for patients exhibiting the following symptoms:

Respiratory Distress


Terminal Agitation


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Atlanta Hospice Music Therapy

An Art Form Based On The Science of Sound

LTM Interventions Can Be Life-Changing for Patients

Live Therapeutic Music (LTM) is an art form based on the science of sound. Various components of music affect the central nervous system helping patients to relax.

LTM interventions complement traditional clinical measures to help the patient manage pain, stress, and agitation. Even when patients are unconscious, the eardrums continue to vibrate, allowing Live Therapeutic Music to benefit patients with all types of symptoms.

Available to patients at no additional cost

Experience the Capstone Care Difference

We invite our patients and their families to consider adding therapeutic music to your plan of care. Capstone music practitioners are available to all Capstone Hospice patients at no cost to the patient or family.

Capstone Hospice is thankful to partner with each patient as they navigate their changing clinical needs. We always stand by our values of faith, integrity, teamwork, excellence, balance, and relationships.

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