Palliative Care

Our Mission Is To Bring Symptom Management, Comfort, and Support For Advanced Stages of Chronic Disease.

Capstone’s Palliative Transitions program is designed for individuals coping with serious, chronic conditions but are not ready to pursue hospice care.

Palliative care is an at-home alternative for receiving quality medical attention while avoiding further hospitalizations. The Palliative Transitions program offers extra support for those journeying through the maze of ongoing acute illness.

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Maximizing every patient’s quality of life during their most difficult days is our honor. Capstone Palliative Transitions specializes in caring for patients with chronic illnesses through regular, at-home medical care from our attentive nurse practitioners under the supervision of a licensed physician.

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I’m forever grateful to the wonderful Capstone Team that took care of my father with respect and kindness.

Family Member of Capstone Patient

Choosing Hospice Care vs Palliative Care

Palliative Care is a component of Hospice, and similar in that it provides high-quality symptom management, comfort, and care to patients and their families. Palliative Care is different in many aspects, as shown below, namely that patient's conditions are serious but may not be considered life threatening.

Hospice Care Palliative Care
Payment & Insurance Covered by Medicare Part A, Medicaid and most insurance providers on a per diem basis. Covered by Medicare Part B and most insurance plans on a per visit basis.
Curative Treatments Patient chooses to forego further curative treatments. Can receive curative care concomitantly.
Timing of Illness / Disease Progression Requires prognosis of six months or less life expectancy. Can be offered at any stage of disease progression.
Physician Involvement Requires a physician to initiate services. Hospice Medical Director typically oversees care. Does not require a physician order to initiate service. Palliative team collaborates with patients' attending physician.
Practitioner Involvement Visits by Hospice team member almost daily. 27/7 on call availability. Visits from a Nurse Practitioner on average 1x per month. Business hours access only.

Both care services have a goal to minimize and/or eliminate hospitalizations and provide patients with complex symptom relief for serious illness. Both options provide patients and families the benefit of reduced stress, greater comfort, and expert care.

Capstone Palliative Transitions offers patients and families:

Home Visitations

Regular home visitations from a nurse practioner supervised by a licensed physician.


Availability for a one-time consultation from licensed social worker, ordained chapllian, and/or registered dietician.

Expert Communication

Expert communication with the pateint’s primary care physician.


Guidance with residential placements.

Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning services to determine patient wishes and goals of care.

Atlanta Palliative Care For Chronic Illness

Who Qualifies & Benefits Most from Palliative Transitions

We aim to improve every patients’ quality of life by lessening their pain and discomfort. Convenient medical oversight from the Palliative Transitions team strives to prevent unnecessary hospitalization and ensure patients receive the best care in their home setting.

Palliative care may be beneficial if you or someone you know is experiencing:

Multiple hospital visits within the last year.

Worsening symptoms.

A decline in weight or appetite.

Frequent trips to the emergency room.

A life expectancy measure in years rather than months.

A chronic and irreversible, serious illness such as: congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, dementia, cancer, liver failure, renal disease, etc.

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Not sure which hospice and palliative care services best fits your loved one's needs?

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