The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Names Capstone Hospice a Winner of the Atlanta Top Workplaces 2021 Award

Feb 26, 2021 | News

Capstone Hospice has been named a 2021 Top Workplace by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This award is based solely on employee feedback gathered through a third-party survey measuring 15 culture drivers critical to organizational success, including alignment, execution, and connection.

For Capstone Hospice founder, Hugh Henderson, this recognition dovetails perfectly with the Capstone Creed. “This fits with our desire to be an employee-centric company that is continually looking for ways to improve the work experience of its team members,” says Henderson. “Our goal is to be the market leader in employee satisfaction and employee retention.”

This is the first year Capstone Hospice participated in the employee survey administered by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s employee engagement technology partner Energage, LLC. But Henderson says it will not be the last. Capstone Hospice employees will compete the survey annually from now on because the company’s belief is simple: inspired, proud, and pleased employees will deliver a level of customer satisfaction that consistently exceeds expectations.

This award showcases what Henderson already knows to be true. “Being the gold standard in our industry is ultimately our highest goal and mission,” declares Henderson. “Providing the best employee environment is the best way to provide the best patient care.”

Capstone Hospice partners with families to provide holistic, quality hospice care when families need comfort and peace most. Nurses, physicians, licensed social workers, chaplains, and volunteers come together through compassion, faith, and integrity to make difficult situations more bearable. Services are provided in 18 counties throughout the Atlanta region.

Being the gold standard in our industry is ultimately our highest goal and mission. Providing the best employee environment is the best way to provide the best patient care.

2021 is the 11th year The Atlanta Journal Constitution has celebrated the Top Workplaces in the city. Each year, 175 companies throughout metro Atlanta are recognized, from large companies (500 employees or more) to medium companies (150-499 employees) and small companies (fewer than 150 employees). To be eligible, a minimum of 35% of employees must complete the anonymous survey provided by Energage, LLC. With 80 employees, Capstone Hospice is listed among the small company award winners.

“During this very challenging time, Top Workplaces has proven to be a beacon of light for organizations, as well as a sign of resiliency and strong business performance,” said Eric Rubino, Energage CEO. “When you give your employees a voice, you come together to navigate challenges and shape your path forward. Top Workplaces draw on real-time insights into what works best for their organization, so they can make informed decisions that have a positive impact on their people and their business.”

As a company who puts its employees at the forefront, Capstone Hospice is honored to receive an award made possible by its people. Our people are our most valuable asset, and we could not be prouder of them, their work, and the work culture they have helped create.